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How to get started CalculPro easily in the same condition on several workstations?
December 01, 2001
I would like to take a test with my students.
How can I manage to start CalculPro on all my workstations in the class room with the same presettings, e.g. "avoid cheating", ...
  You could write a batch file, which copies CalculPro.ini from a common server to the local client and then starts CalculPro. Put this file on every client, and execute it to start CalculPro!
How to import data from one computer to another?
June 17, 2001
I cannot seem to get my score tables up on my NT server (where CalculPro is held locally). Every time I try, CalculPro says to set my network settings on local. I believe I have done this!
  There is a bug in CalculPro version 1.0.0 concerning data import, if CalculPro is running on a Windows NT machine: CalculPro asks again and again to set "Network settings" to local. This problem has to do with a difference in the recognition of upper/lower case letters in Windows NT and 9x. If you use a machine with Windows ME or 9x to run CalculPro, you have no problems.
To work around, you may delete the file "CalculPro.ini" and restart CalculPro, or you edit all directory names of the whole "CalculPro" - path using upper case letters only.
This bug will be removed in the next version of CalculPro.
Unable to download the file vrdrupd.exe
January 14, 2001
When I choose a server for the results data base, I get a message, that I need to update a Windows file. I'm told to download 
but I can not find this file. It switches always to "default.asp", which is a ordinary web site. 
I use Windows 95. Do I need this file and how can I get it?
  Microsoft has removed this update from there servers for the time being. It is needed to update Windows 95's virtual network redirector for Samba Unix servers. Most probably, you do not need it. Otherwise, you may get it from this web site: vrdrupd.exe (211 KB)

Update December 01, 2001