PHPWebQuiz: Frequently asked questions
Non standard location for my QuizFiles folder
March 24, 2008 PHPWebQuiz version 1.4.0
I did install PHPWebQuiz with a custom location for my QuizFiles folder. Now, it can't find any knowledge files and rtfQuestion files.
What happened?
  You may choose a custom location for your QuizFiles folder by editing the respective line in locals.php. You may even choose a folder outside your web folder, and the quiz will work.
However, if you use knowledge files or rtfQuestion files, you need to copy these files and folders to your new location AND additionally to the standard location.

standard location: /home/www/PHPWebQuiz/QuizFiles/rtfQuestions and /home/www/PHPWebQuiz/QuizFiles/Knowledge

custom location: /home/files/QuizFiles/rtfQuestions and /home/files/QuizFiles/Knowledge

You need to create all four folders and make sure your files are available twice. The quiz files of course must be available only at the custom location
When I run a quiz, it shows a lot of error messages ...
June 10, 2003
I did install PHPWebQuiz and it is running, but when I run a quiz, it shows a lot of error messages. I am coping them here...
Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in
on line 647

and much more! What happened?
  The problem is, that you have error reports switched on for everything including notices.
For production web sites, it is recommended to switch on warnings only or use error logging.
  • So, search for the file php.ini (should be in your Windows directory)
  • open it with any text editor
  • search for the line containing "error_reporting" (should be around line No 160)
  • change the line according the example below.
    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE ; Show all errors except for notices

Update March 24, 2008