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How to quickly go through the list of questions without typing in the answers?
February 18, 2005
I'm using QuizPro to train a vocabulary, so I'm not using the multiple choice type of questions.
Is it possible to quickly go through the list of questions without typing in the answers all the time? I would like to be able to decide myself, if I know the answer correctly or not!
  Natively QuizPro is not designed to do this, but there is a way to achieve exactly that:
  • Create a new quiz file using multiple choice type questions.
  • Write the word to ask for in the question field
  • Write "Answer is correct" in the first answer field and mark this answer as correct
  • Write "Answer is wrong" in the second answer field
  • Write all correct answers in the field "Answer text" and copy this in the field "Hint"
Now, you can solve the quiz file, think about the answer, if necessary check if you really know the answer by using the "Hint"-button and then click the A-button, if you know the answer and the B-button if not. Finally, you get the correct answer again before the next question will be presented.
A small example file with three Greek words is available here
How to attach files to the questions and answers?
February 06, 2005
I'm trying to attach pre-recorded sound files for a vocabulary flashcard program, but so far, I've only been able to do that using Html in the QuizPro program. That's ackward because the link is rather long, plus it shows the name of the word I'm testing.
Is there anyway around that?
  • You are right, one way is to use a Html file for each question (or as well answer). Then you have all possibilities to play the sound file you have in MS Internet Explorer.
  • The same is true, if you use HTML-Formatting. For details, please see help file.
    If you want to use any files out of HTML-Formatting (in your case a link to a sound file), you must be careful about the path. Download this example quiz file, unzip it into your Quiz Files directory (standard installation "C:\Program Files\Quiz\Quiz Files") and you see what I mean.
  • Furthermore, you could use a separate rich text file for each question. Also there, you can add a link to a sound file (see help file and examples already installed).
Convert a question file to make it compatible to QuizPro!
February 27, 2003
I have question files with lots of questions in another format (MS Excel, MS Word, etc.) and would like to convert it to a format compatible to QUIZ, QuizPro etc. How can I do this in an easy way without paste and copy for every question and answer?
  There is no general answer for that. However, an elegant way is to create a macro in MS Excel, MS Word or any other suitable program.
Steve Persche did supply an example including a MS Excel macro and a simple documentation:
Download now!uscg_quiz.zip 2 quiz files containing 100 questions each about United States Coast Guard Captains License (January 2003 Edition).
Steve wrote:
These exam question are on the Internet so I wanted to use them to practice. So...I got the spreadsheet of questions (and answers) and wrote an Excel macro to convert them to QUIZ format. It's working Great.
I've included the macro spreadsheet that also has the documentation and the results.
Steve Persche, persche@mindspring.com, © 02/2003
Explanation file not working!
September 13, 2002
I would like to add a mp3 or wav file as explanation to be played after a correct answer, but it doesn't work.
Example: I insert "bird.wav" (inclusive quotation marks) in the field explanation (I did put the file in the Knowledge - folder), but nothing happens, when it should be played.
What can I do?
  DO NOT INSERT QUOTATION MARKS! Then, it will work!
If you absolutely need quotation marks (e.g., you have a space in your file or path name), then add a leading

file:"bird cry.wav"

file:"C:\My files\Animals\bird.wav"
Quiz files: Directory structure?
July 29, 2002
I would like to separate my quiz files according theme and lesson number into different directories.
How can I do that in a way, that QuizPro will find the question/answer and knowledge files belonging to the quiz file?
Where do I put these files?
  For version 3.1.0 and higher, there is a way:
  • Create the directory structure as you need it.
  • For every directory holding a quiz file, add a directory "rtfQuestions" and "Knowledge".
  • Put the files belonging to the quiz file into these subfolders.

Here, a example:
Directory structure for Quiz files and there respective question, answer and knowledge files
More then 4 possible answers?
March 15, 2002
I would like to produce questions with more then 4 possible answers. Can I do that?
  You can't do it as a normal multiple choice question. But there is a trick:
Include the answers in your question and choose a "fill the gap" question.
  Question (use a rtf file or HTML formatting for the "new line"):
How many legs does a spider have?
A) 2 legs
B) 4 legs
C) 6 legs
D) 8 legs
E) 10 legs
As answer, you check "not multiple choice" and write "D" in one field and "D)" in another. Like this, "D" and "D)" will count as correct.
Error: EOleSysEror!
January 25, 2002
When starting QuizPro, I get an error message: "EOleSysEror in module QuizPro.exe 00082BCI class not registered."
Now what do I do?
  You need to have a recent version of MS Internet Explorer installed. It is used to show HTML files or parts of it. This will be done inside my program.
As MS Internet explorer is part of Windows, this technique is widely used. So, if you prefer Netscape or any other browser, you should still install MS Internet Explorer on your machine. Updating IE regularly will also update different Windows - dll files to the latest versions.
How to get started QuizPro easily in the same condition on several workstations?
December 01, 2001
I would like to take a test with my students.
How can I manage to start QuizPro on all my workstations in the class room with the same presettings, e.g. "avoid cheating", ...
  You could write a batch file, which copies QuizPro.ini from a common server to the local client and then starts QuizPro. Put this file on every client, and execute it to start QuizPro!
How to import data from one computer to another?
June 05, 2001
I cannot seem to get my score tables up on my NT Web server (where QuizPro is held locally). Every time I try, QuizPro says to set my network settings on local. I believe I have done this!
  • To set your network settings to local, you choose the menu item Options/Network settings, then press the "local" button and close the form with OK. This is not the "local" button, you see in the screen shoot below!
    Now, your settings must be local.
  • BUT:
  • There is a bug in QuizPro version 2.1.0 concerning data import, if QuizPro is running on a Windows NT machine: QuizPro asks again and again to set "Network settings" to local. This problem has to do with a difference in the recognition of upper/lower case letters in Windows NT and 9x. If you use a machine with Windows ME or 9x to run QuizPro, you have no problems.
    To work around, you may delete the file "QuizPro.ini" and restart QuizPro, or you edit all directory names of the whole "QuizPro" - path using upper case letters only.
    This bug will be removed in the next version of QuizPro.

  • You open now the "memory" form by the menu item Option/Memory.
    Now you choose the folder with the database you want to import from (WebQuiz\ScorePro, see red arrow in screen shot below). If you select a data set and press the "import" Button, you did import it into your LOCAL database (This is the reason, QuizPro demands you to set the Network setting to local first: To import into your local database).
    • The "local" button on this form (next to the mouse arrow on the screen shot) is to reset the "Memory" form to local, which means, you see the data sets you did import before. Of course, now the "import" button is disabled, as you cannot import FROM your local database INTO your local database.
    • LOCAL means always local in respect to the path of the QuizPro.exe in use.
Select a database to import from

If you have to import a lot of data sets, there is still a "brut force" method to "import" the whole database: Simply copy all files from your ..\WebQuiz\Scorepro\ directory into your ..\QuizPro\ScorePro\ directory. Now you can analyse all the data you produced with WebQuiz. Of course, you loose all data you had in the ..\QuizPro\ScorePro\ before the copy.
Unable to download the file vrdrupd.exe
January 14, 2001
When I choose a server for the results data base, I get a message, that I need to update a Windows file. I'm told to download 
but I can not find this file. It switches always to "default.asp", which is a ordinary web site.
I use Windows 95. Do I need this file and how can I get it?
  Microsoft has removed this update from there servers for the time being. It is needed to update Windows 95's virtual network redirector for Samba Unix servers. Most probably, you do not need it. Otherwise, you may get it from this web site: vrdrupd.exe (211 KB)

Update February 18, 2005