Spell Checker: Frequently asked questions
Speller for Delphi versions higher then 7
February 2 2008
Can I use Speller for Delphi versions higher then Delphi 7, for which one and how?
  For Delphi 2006 it works: Compile the package for Delphi 7! For detailed instructions, go to http://delphi.about.com/od/vclusing/ss/newcomponentbpl.htm

For higher versions (of course NOT .NET), it should work as well. I appreciate your mail with your experience!

Download now!spellermod.zip 4 Speller - modifications received from different authors between 2005 and 2007 includes the email texts. Update April 16, 2007 -  9 Kb
How to install the English ISpell dictionary together with my application?
September 23, 2004
I want to install only the English dictionary on the user system from your dictionary distribution. What files would be required and where should they be located so my application will run smoothly while interfacing with ISpell.
  To install only the English dictionary, the easiest way is the following:
  • Download http://www.luziusschneider.com/Speller/ISpEnFrGe.exe
  • Run this file installing only the English dictionary
  • See which files are installed (Standard path is C:\Program files\Common files\ISpell\
    These are the files you have to install with your application
  • You must write the Install directory of ISpell.exe into your registry when installing the application; see example below: regedit for ISpell path
    It is not important, where you decide to install the ISpell files, but the location must be written into the registry.
ISpell dictionary for additional language?!
August 27, 2002
I need a ISpell dictionary for a language, I can not find on your web site! What can I do?
  You may produce more dictionaries for other languages by recompiling *.hash-files from their sources by the version of buildhash.exe, which is included in the ISpell - LS-Distribution (This is a 32-bit version, which generates hash-files in a format, that may slightly differ from other versions).
  • Get Sources from the Internet e.g. "british.med+" or "british.dic" (dictionary) and "english.aff" (affix file). For more Infos see for example
  • Get the *.hash file by compiling the source:
    Put your source file together with a copy of buildhash.exe in a folder for example "C:\build\"
    Open a command line window, and execute:
    C:\build\buildhash british.dic english.aff english.hash
    "english.hash" is produced.
  • Add a new folder to your ISpell directory, in this example ..\English, and copy the files english.aff and english.hash into it.
  • Copy one of the files "ispell.ini" into the new folder. You find the file in every directory belonging to any language.
  • Open the file "ispell.ini" with a text editor and modify the lines to match the new language and directory names.
    "LangNo=1027": This number is the language identifier for MS Windows. If you do not know it, ask me or leave this line blank.
If you produce any new dictionaries, please send me a copy for publication!
Spell checker: Many languages installed with MS Office 2000 are missing
July 27, 2001
The spell checker does not show most of the languages, I can use in my MS Office 2000. This is true for TxtEdit, QuizPro and Quiz!
  MS Office 2000 and XP uses partly another spell check engine then former versions. Presently, this engine is not supported.
Sprache für Rechtschreibeprüfung: Deutsch(Schweiz) fehlt!
06. Oktober 2000
Für die Rechtschreibeprüfung kann zwar Deutsch eingestellt werden, aber Deutsch(Schweiz) finde ich nicht in der entsprechenden Combobox, obwohl dies in Microsoft Word funktioniert!
  Gewisse Versionen von Office schreiben die Sprache Deutsch(Schweiz) bei der Installation nicht korrekt in die Registry. Deswegen wird sie dann in meinen Programmen nicht angezeigt, auch wenn der richtige "dictionary" vorhanden ist.
Abhilfe: Doppelklicken Sie auf die Datei SwissGerman.reg um die Sprache Deutsch(Schweiz) korrekt einzutragen. Diese ist in der Datei SwissGerman.zip enthalten.
Es wird keine Haftung für Schäden irgendwelcher Art übernommen, weder direkt noch indirekt, in Folge des Gebrauches von SwissGerman.reg!

Update April 16, 2007