Version                          What's new?
MultiClipBoard 1.0.0 First version
MultiClipBoard 2.0.0
  • The clipboards content will be saved and restored when closing and opening MultiClipBoard.
  • An undo feature for each clipboard has been provided.
  • More improvements.
MultiClipBoard 3.0.0
  • MultiClipBoard can be reduced to the system tray.
  • Shortcuts for the clipboard buttons have been provided.
  • A clear feature for each clipboard has been added.
  • More improvements.
MultiClipBoard 3.1.0
  • It is not possible to run multiple instances of MultiClipBoard.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
MultiClipBoard 3.2.0
  • Windows 2000/XP: All users can operate MultiClipBoard now.
MultiClipBoard 4.0.0
  • Write protection for individual clip boards added.
  • Option for incremental clip board added.

Update January 05, 2008