Switzerland: Prophecy and healings!

Erich Reber has been organising healing and prophecy evenings in Thun, Switzerland, for some time. On 27 October 2000, a number of people told of how God had touched them, and in some cases spectacularly healed them. Here are some of the reports:
Touched by God, and in some cases spectacularly healed.

Amputation no longer necessary
On one evening, Reber had pointed in a particular direction, saying that a man was there who had an accident at work, crushing his finger. The man responded, saying that he had injured his finger so badly while working on his tractor that the doctors advised to amputate it. He, however, did not want to make a hasty decision, and had waited until the prayer evening. His finger was completely healed through prayer; he can feel normally, and the fingernail has grown again.

Operation cancelled
A woman told that she already had a date for an operation when her illness was called out at a previous prayer meeting. After receiving prayer, she went to her doctor, who did not believe that she had been healed; "that is not possible". However, on the day on which she was supposed be admitted to hospital, he called her to tell her that the operation had become unnecessary.

Another woman had lost her right ovary as the result of a cyst at age 17. At 23, she lost half of her left ovary. Gynaecologists had given her no chance of becoming pregnant. She has now been married for 15 years, without children. She and her husband attended the healing and prophecy evening on 16 February 2000, but, in her own words, "I could not imagine that anything would happen to me." A prophecy was given about a woman with her symptoms, so she went to receive prayer. "I became pregnant a few days later, and our child will be born shortly," she says.

Eye disorder healed
On one evening, a prophecy came that God wanted to heal a man with a serious eye disorder. The man, who could only see grey in one eye, was completely healed and can now see normally. A woman reported that her glaucoma had been healed on one of the evenings.

Source: Erich Reber, Kingdom Ministries,
Frydayfax  November 17, 2000

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