Germany: With Jesus at the Stuttgart New Age fair!

"Who seeks, finds"
Many Western Christians ask God for keys with which they can open a supposedly closed society for the Gospel. One of the answers God frequently gives is "Go to the God-seekers". New Agers seek God, but in the wrong place. Who will help them to find the one who describes himself as "the way, the truth and the life"? One who does is the Swiss theologian Daniel Hari. The following are some of his recent experiences:
"Where can I find a spirit healer who can help my daughter, who has cancer?" asked a woman at Daniel and Gudrun Hari's stand at the Stuttgart New Age fair (October 2000). "Gudrun told her about Jesus, the world's greatest healer," says Daniel. "She prayed for the woman, who was touched by the Holy Spirit, and admitted 'Now I know that everything here except your stand is sin and from the devil. I'm glad that I came to you first - God must have been leading me! My mother always told me that these things are sin. I'll never go to such a fair again!"
As soon as we prayed, the clicking noise his knee made when he moved it stopped, and he could walk around without problems.

Jesus heals at the New Age fair
"One woman for whom we prayed sent a friend the following day, so that we could pray for her too. She only came to the fair to receive our prayer! The owner of the New Age stand next to ours wanted prayer for his knee. As soon as we prayed, the clicking noise his knee made when he moved it stopped, and he could walk around without problems. Five minutes later, a friend of his came with his girlfriend so that we could pray against her inexplicable hair loss. Many prayers for healing were visibly answered immediately."

Talk about Jesus in front of a full house
"The seminar room was filled to overflowing for the talk about 'Astonishing Experiences with the Higher Consciousness'. People were sitting on the floor, standing along the wall at the back and sitting on the window ledges. The following day, people came to the talk about 'Healing with Jesus Energy', saying 'We saw people leaving the room yesterday with happy faces. We didn't want to miss what you are saying.' Naturally, the talks were about astonishing experiences with Jesus Christ, and not New Age."

Demons must obey Jesus
"Following that, visitors to the fair had the chance to attend the Omega course 'Jesus of Nazareth in the Current New Age'. In a dream, a Hindu was shown that he should empty himself and be open for that which he would hear. One New Ager even asked his Spirit Leader (a demon) how to react; the reply was 'Go the way which Mr. Hari will show you.' I invited him emphatically to follow Jesus, and attend the follow-up discussion groups."

Source: Daniel Hari,
Frydayfax  November 24, 2000

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