EL SALVADOR: Prayer makes the most dangerous city harmless!

"For a long time, San Marcos was El Salvador's most dangerous city," writes Amaury Braga, Latin American coordinator for the Dawn Movement. "With a crime rate of 80%, it was a centre for drug dealers, witch doctors, kidnappers and alcoholics. All the banks closed because they had been raided so often. Around two years ago, God used a young Christian leader to start a strong prayer movement which mobilised almost all Christians to pray for the city, even though some denominations did not want to take part.
Only one year later, the violent crime rate sank from 80% to 10%, and in January 2002, the national police declared San Marcos completely free of violence.
The national police declared San Marcos completely free of violence!
As a result, all Christian churches have grown rapidly - even those of denominations which did not join in prayer. Today, all Christians want to work together. The mayor and other city officials became Christians, and two banks have re-opened, even with cash machines. Two witch doctors who had declared war on the pastors and were not prepared to repent have died. Important drug dealers have turned to Christ and bars have closed.
Important drug dealers have turned to Christ!
Instead of ceasing prayer, the Christians are now motivated to pray on until God's purposes with the city have been fulfilled," writes Braga, who just returned from the city.

Source: Amaury Braga, Dawn Ministries, Colorado Springs, USA;
EMail: Amaurydawn@aol.com

Frydayfax  May 10, 2002