GERMANY: Heald of cancer!

„The cancer diagnosis hit me like a bomb. Beside many tears, sleepless nights and desperation, we also experienced intense hope in God, who alone could help us," writes Walter-Heinz Heim, previously a businessman in the Stuttgart area. His doctor had diagnosed prostate cancer. „On the way home, I thought to myself ‘Your mother died of cancer, your sister and uncle too. Now it’s your turn.’ I wept. When I went to the hospital for X-rays, I saw all the hairless children, youths and women untergoing radiation therapy. That’s a sight you don’t forget quickly."
I have received a prophecy that I am completely healed!

   Prophecy and healing!
„In Italy, we were praying with some friends, when one of them suddenly said ‘Heinz, I sense God telling you that you are healed, but that from today, you should live according to His Word.’ I had heard of confirmed prophecies, but I had doubts. Was that really true? On returning home, I immediately went to my urologist and asked for another biopsy. ‘You’re the first patient I know to voluntarily undergo a second biopsy,’ he said. When he asked me why, I told him honestly ‘I have received a prophecy that I am completely healed.’ The doctor had strong doubts, and told me that he also went to church on Sundays, ‘but there’s no such thing as that.’ He performed the biopsy anyway. The result: I was healthy! ‘There’s no sign of cancer, even though we took a much larger tissue sample than the first time,’ he said. I walked, no, floated out of his practice, weeping and laughing at the same time, and called my family to tell them of the miracle."
Today, Walter-Heinz Heim cares for the homeless and other needy people in Stuttgart.

Source: Walter-Heinz Heim, Stuttgart
Frydayfax  October 25, 2002
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