SWITZERLAND: When New Agers experience Jesus!

As reported in a previous Friday Fax, pastor Daniel Hari held a week-long seminar on the subject "Healing like Jesus" in the Centro Paladina in southern Switzerland. Many of those attending had responded to advertisements in an esoteric magazine. The following are some of Hari's experiences during the seminar:

Belgian healer drives 500 miles without pain
A Belgian healer asked himself "Will I be able to stand the 500-mile journey to Switzerland with the pain in my discs?". Since reading the book "Healing like Jesus" in January 2003, he had seen a growing stream of patients in his practice. When he arrived in the Centro Paladina, he was surprised to discover that he had no pain at all. During the seminar, he and his wife? along with most of the other participants? accepted Jesus as their saviour.

Secretary no longer needs hearing-aid and glasses
We were all deeply touched by the shouts of joy that evening "I can see! ...

Marlen Wildhaber, a secretary in Zug, Switzerland, reports: "Something went wrong during an operation on 12 June 1987. I suffered inner bleeding, and have depended on two hearing aids and thick glasses since then. Although I am generally skeptical, my friends Dr. E. Zollinger and Fritz Hofstetter persuaded me to attend the seminar ‚Healing like Jesus'. The pamphlet describing the seminar hotel contained the words ‚Dio ajuta', which a colleague translated for me as ‚God helps'. I was physically very stressed, and hoped to be able to relax during the week, with God's help. My hopes were greatly exceeded: I was healed! On the evening of 27th March 2003, I could remove my hearing aids and glasses, and was able to hear and read without assistance." We were all deeply touched by the shouts of joy that evening "I can see! I can read the song clearly without my glasses. This is incredible? I can clearly hear what you're saying back there!"

Jesus Christ heals a Reiki master's hearing and sight
Impressed by what she was seeing, Reiki master Hannelore from Germany also wanted to be healed by Jesus. We prayed, but nothing more happened than that her ears became a little warm. Neither her eyes nor her ears were healed. She didn't want to give up so quickly. Together, we asked Jesus what could be hindering her healing. In the healing service that evening, she told of what she had experienced that afternoon: "After the prayer, I went down to the lake, where I saw many colored doves. Suddenly, I noticed a single white dove in their midst. I thought to myself that it must be a dove of peace. Then it dawned on me: I had not made peace with my husband, from whom I am separated. I wanted to neither see nor hear him again. That must be why my sight and hearing is so poor, and why I was not healed." She was prepared to publicly ask God for forgiveness for her unwillingness to reconcile their differences. We prayed again, and the healing started immediately. The following morning, she was able to fill out the questionnaire without her 3.5 diopter contact lenses.

Finding Jesus Christ through a fortune teller and esoteric magazine
A fortune teller told Michael from Berlin that he was called to heal. After reading of the seminar in the magazine ‚esotera', he immediately signed up. In our first conversation, I immediately noticed his stutter. Hate was written all over his face, too, and with good reason: from the bottom of his heart, he hated the man who had raped his wife. Michael was disappointed, too: "When will we get down to business? I came to learn to heal." He heard for the first time how he could be freed from his destructive hate. He was very touched by the fact that Jesus had given his life to save him, and started to fight with himself. There was another difficulty: with the help of a medium, he had started the search for his daughter with whom he had lost contact. If he accepted Jesus as his saviour, would he still be able to work with this medium? Who would help him find his daughter? He finally decided to leave it all to Jesus. The first night was astonishing: he had a dream in which he was clearly shown in which Italian city he should start the search. On the last day of the seminar, Michael was baptized in Lake Lugano. That was a clear sign for us all that he no longer wanted to live for himself, but for Jesus. His girlfriend was also baptized.

Source: Daniel Hari, e-mail hari@omegalive.ch www.daniel-hari.ch
And http://www.paladina.ch/jesus.html (including photos and video interviews).
Frydayfax  May 02, 2003
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