Security, more recent server settings

Depending on your type and version of your web server, you can use more restrictive security settings.
PHPWebQuiz may run with "write permission" denied on all folders and "read permission" denied in ...WQ\PHPWQScore and ...\WQ\QuizFiles (but not there subdirectories).
If you rename all your knowledge files and your rtfQuestion files from ~.htm to ~.php, you may even switch off read permission for the folders ...\WQ\QuizFiles\Knowledge and ...\WQ\QuizFiles\rftQuestions. You would then have to move any pictures to another folder with read permission granted.
Example for recent configuration changes: Even the Microsoft IIS 5.1 does not require to put PHP scripts in a cgi-bin directory any more.

By modifying locals.php you can choose custom locations for your folders containing the quiz files and/or the score data.
Update March 20, 2008