Information Technology
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Download now! 691 Questions about C#, a programming language for Windows.
After "PROFESSIONAL C#" by Simon Robinson et al.
Victor Mascov, , © 08/2002 - 12/2002, Update December 17, 2002
Download now! 137 quiz files about Keyboarding and Computer Apps 1 and 2.
The questions for Keyboarding are used in the Keyboarding High School curriculum in North Carolina. This is for grades 9-12. The Computer Applications 1 questions are the second course in sequence in the Business curriculum. This course is currently for 10-12 grade students. The Computer Applications 2 questions are for grades 11-12 because this is the third sequence to be a completer for our computer courses. Each course has a pretest and a post test. The Keyold is the questions for 2001, the keyboarding fall 2002 is for the current year. The CA1 old questions are also for 2001 and the CA2 fall 2002 are the current questions.
Jerry Ethridge,, © 10/2002 - 03/2003
Download now!COMPUTER 80 Questions: First periodic exam about Catherine's computer course.
Catherine Bernardo, © 08/2005
Download now! 33 Questions about computer networks: The quiz contains modules of the course as presented at Clark.
Mark M Janecki, Clark College, Vancouver,, © 11/2001
Download now! 20 Questions about multimedia and standards
Iain Sedgman, University of Ballarat, © 05/2006
Download now! 31 Questions about computer networks.
Jairo Contreras,, © 11/2001
Download now! 2 quiz files about TCP/IP networks.
Shaun Archer, © 05/2004
Download now! 81 Questions about QA, QC and Testing.
Victor Mascov, © 01/2004
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