File to download                    Description
Download now! DUTCH: Vocabulary Dutch/English
Bjorn Ruber,, © 02, 2000
Download now! ENGLISH: Choose the correct relative pronoun (English), 25 questions.
Serene Lim, © 10, 2001
Download now! ENGLISH: 53 questions: Longman Dictionary of Common Errors after J. B. Heaton, N. D. Turton.
Victor Mascov,, © 11/2002
Download now! ENGLISH: 50 questions: Practical English usage after Michael Swan.
Victor Mascov,, © 11/2002
Download now! ENGLISH: Entry Test: 50 questions, where you have to complete a sentence!
Folker Pfennig,, © 03/2003
Download now! ENGLISH: 18 questions: Conjugation of the verb "play".
Charles Kelly, © 11/2002
Download now! ENGLISH: 29 funny questions about the meaning of words.
Laura Rizzardini, © 07/2007
Download now! ENGLISH: 92 quiz files for the Barron's 4,500 vocabulary words.
Chris Herren, © 10/2010
Download now! GERMAN: Translate short sentences from English to German, multiple choice, 48 questions.
Evelyn Woolston, 19 Torrington St, Grimsby, NE Lincs, England,, © 04, 2000
Download now! GREEK: SPIonic and SPtiberi: A Greek and a Hebrew true type font free plus the "Greek Alphabet" - Quiz file for SPIonic.
Luzius Schneider,, © 01, 2000
Download now! HEBREW: A quiz "Hebrew Alphabet", which uses HTML - formatting: As with Unicode, no special font is required.
Luzius Schneider,, © 09, 2002
Download now! HEBREW: 4 quizzes for a class in Biblical Hebrew. They contain words transliterated/translated from Biblical Hebrew.
Clifton Mierditas, © 00/2006
Download now! LATIN: Vocabulary Latin/English according WHEELOCK'S LATIN: Two quizzes containing chapter 1 and 2.
Erik C. Croy [United States],, © 01, 2002
Download now! SPANISH: Spanish numbers: 50 Questions
Denis Lamy,, © 10, 2002
Download now! SPANISH: Two quiz files: Spanish verbs, from English to Spanish.
Jonathan Bryan,, © 09, 2002

Update July 8, 2007