File to download                    Description
Download now!businesslaw.zip 20 questions: Business Law Comprehensive Examination.
EBF Bal David, ba202ph@yahoo.com,   © 09/2003
Download now!diesel_1.zip 10 questions about Diesel fundamentals and service.
Mcpl Beauregard QL4 TRG NCO H-112, Beauregard.JPA@forces.ca,   © 05/2002
Download now!hawaiir2.zip A Hawaii Realty Study Guide containing 104 questions .
Michael Miller, michaelmiller@hawaii.rr.com   © 08/2002
Download now!MDriverHbook.zip 90 questions about the Maryland Driver's Law Test. A real test contains 20 questions. The 4th wrong reply means that an applicant should try again other time (from Motor Vehicle Administration).
Victor Mascov, mashkov@yahoo.com,   © 11/2001
Download now!morsec.zip International Morse Code 36 questions .
Mark Hauschild   © 05/2008
Download now!MWmusic1.zip Test how well you know the basics for playing contemporary keyboard, guitar, bass and drums! Based on an easier, quicker way to develop music skills offered at microwaveyourmusic.com. 26 quiz files.
Lyndon Ellis,   © 09/2006
Download now!NEC99.zip 75 questions about the NEC 1999 National Electrical Code (from NFPA An International Codes and Standards Organization).
Victor Mascov, mashkov@yahoo.com,   © 11/2001
Download now!nursing1.zip 92 questions in connection NURSING EXAMS.
Gabriela Centonzio,   © 12/2004
Download now!pcs5.zip 5 quizzes about the PCS: Proactive Community Supervision
Bureau of Governmental Research, MBello@bgr.umd.edu   © Lina 5/2002
Download now!ppilotsstudy.zip All 789 questions of the US FAA Private Pilot Exam question pool.
FAA - Transcribed/Entered by Paul L. Mosier, paul@rain.org   © 11/2002
Download now!RCAC.zip 190 questions self-picked from previous Royal Canadian Air Cadet Ground School exams. Most questions include reference page # so one can find the answer in "From the Ground Up (Millenium Edition)". This is also a great review for FAA exam.
Alice Leung,   © 01/2005
Download now!AirLawSignals.zip 25 questions about air law traffic signals.
Alan Fern, England,   © 03/2010
Download now!RTextraclass.zip 9 quiz files on the U.S. Amateur Radio Extra Class Question Pool!
After "The U.S. Amateur Extra Class Question Pool" as published on the American Radio Relay League web site (arrl.org).
Norman Young, normany@mindspring.com,   © 5. 2003
Download now!GROL.zip 10 quiz files on General Radio telephone Exam!
After "Question Pools for Elements 2, 3 and 8 of the General Radio Telephone Operator (GROL) License Exam" as published on the United States Federal Communications Commissions web site - www.fcc.gov
Norman Young, normany@mindspring.com,   © 5. 2003
Download now!SAT.zip SAT Word Quizzes: Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) are the standardized tests to get accepted to Colleges and Universities in the US.: SAT.zip contains 13 Quiz files containing 25 questions each about common words found in the English section of the EXAMS.
Mr Loose, Robesonia, Pennsylvania, USA,apollo@route422.com,   © 09/2000 - 01/2001
Download now!SSS_Quiz.zip 16 questions on Science/Social Studies, 8th grade.
Pamela Fucanan, pfucanan@yahoo.com,   © 09/2002
Download now!uscg_quiz.zip 2 quiz files containing 100 questions each about United States Coast Guard Captains License (January 2003 Edition).
Steve wrote:
These exam question are on the Internet so I wanted to use them to practice. So...I got the spreadsheet of questions (and answers) and wrote an Excel macro to convert them to QUIZ format. It's working Great.
I've included the macro spreadsheet that also has the documentation and the results.
Steve Persche, persche@mindspring.com,   © 02/2003
Download now!universal.zip 20 questions to miscellaneous subjects.
Robin Joseph, Bombay, India, E-mail: schubert46@hotmail.com,   © 08/2000

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