Version                      What's new?
QuizPro 1.0.0 First version, is based on QUIZ version 2.2.0. It uses the same Quiz files. Additional features:
  • The questioning may be analysed statistically.
  • QuizPro is able to run on networks. This allows you for instance do a test with your students, using a local network and a common database. You may then evaluate the performance of your class automatically.
  • Minor improvements.
QuizPro 2.0.0
  • Multiple language support added. Spanish files included.
  • Toolbar added.
  • Import of exercise data from one database into another one facilitated.
  • Database operations work with improved speed.
  • Minor improvements, some bugs fixed.
QuizPro 2.1.0
  • It is now possible to show a picture as screen's background.
  • Minor improvements, some bugs fixed.
QuizPro 2.2.0
  • Any font may be selected for a whole quiz.
  • You may set a time limit to solve a quiz.
  • You may allow to skip a question.
  • You may run a quiz (e.g. as test) in a way, where you will not know, if your answer was correct.
  • Import and export of exercise data from and into CSV files possible (Comma Separated Values).
  • Some performance improvement for network operation.
  • Minor improvements, some bugs fixed.
QuizPro 3.0.0
  • Any formatting and fonts may be used for questions and answers:
    • A question/answer may consist of a RTF- or a HTML- file.
    • Question/answer - text may contain HTML-tags and formatting without the need of adding a whole file (option).
  • You may select to redo all wrong answers you ever gave for a specific quiz, plus solve all questions additionally once.
  • All question/answer windows change size, if you maximise the question form.
  • Results table can be switched off.
  • Minor improvements.
QuizPro 3.1.0
  • Quiz files are being registered.
  • Results table can be printed in several formats.
  • Printing of quiz and rtf files: Page margins can be modified.
  • Spell check additionally supports ISpell dictionaries.
  • Improved Unicode support.
  • Minor improvements.
QuizPro 3.2.0
  • Printing of quiz files as cards (question on one side, answer on reverse).
  • Printing of quiz and rtf files: Additional options.
  • Support for Middle Eastern versions of Windows.
  • Contains example using HTML formatting (Hebrew Alphabet HTML.qze).
QuizPro 3.3.0
  • Spell check for questions or answers alone possible.
  • Answers may be mixed randomly during test.
  • If "Maintain order of questions" - box is checked for question No 1, it will be asked first.
  • Bugs (CSV file import and spell checker) fixed.
QuizPro 3.3.1
  • Bugs fixed.
QuizPro 3.4.0
  • Quiz files may be packed and protected by password together with additional files used by the respective quiz file. Options e.g. "time limit" can be included.
  • New option to suppress any additional information after correct answers.
QuizPro 3.4.1
  • Bugs fixed.
QuizPro 3.4.2
  • Possibility to switch off the automatic insertion of the students ID number.
  • More improvements.
QuizPro 3.4.3
  • Minor Bugs in connection with Windows XP fixed.
  • Windows 2000/XP: All users can operate QuizPro now.
QuizPro 3.4.4
  • Option to hide most menu items.
  • Statistic form: Option to show only one graph.
  • A FIND button to search a particular word in "Create Quiz" in question and answer fields

Update June 20, 2008