Version                          What's new?
QUIZ 1.0.0 First version
QUIZ 1.1.0
  • A question may now contain formatted text or even pictures. If you want to compose such a question, you create a rich text file (*.rtf) in the folder ...\Quiz\Quiz Files\ rtfQuestions\. In the original “question” - field, you write now the name of your rich text file instead of the question.
    Of course, normally you will still write your questions directly in plain text, as with the older version .
  • Some minor adjustments and improvements.
QUIZ 1.2.0
  • A bug concerning the colour of windows in the form to compose questionnaires has been corrected (in Windows - NT, the windows appeared black instead of white).
  • I added a status bar with hint display.
QUIZ 1.3.0
  • For a questionnaire not containing any multiple choice questions, you can now interchange questions and answers. A vocab lesson "English-German" for example can be converted in one "German-English". 
  • A new menu item allows QUIZ to recognise correct answers independent of the use of capital or small letters, when judging your non-multiple choice answers.
  • A help file and its menu items have been added.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
QUIZ 1.3.1
  • Minor improvements
QUIZ 2.0.0
  • A multiple choice question may now have more then one correct answer. ATTENTION: QUIZ or FlipFlop version 1.x.x  is not able to open a Quiz file containing a multiple choice question with more then one correct answer.
  • A new tool button in the integrated Rich text editor allows you to open a Quiz file. It will automatically be converted in a Rich text file and is ready for print out, saving or editing.
  • The form to compose Quiz files has got some new features:
    You can now switch from one question to another by pressing the key "arrow up" or "arrow down" (shortcut added).
    It is possible to open a zoom window, to simplify entering a longer text.
    Whole questions can be copied and pasted.
  • A results table to any Quiz file may be showed at any time. Now it is possible to print this table or export it as text file.
  • Further improvements and some bug fixes.
QUIZ 2.1.0
  • To prevent cheating during an examination, some menu items can be disabled (protected by password).
  • Help file topic added: "How to display any file by QUIZ".
  • Some bugs fixed.
QUIZ 2.2.0
  • Minor improvements, some bugs fixed.
QUIZ 2.3.0
  • Multiple language support added. Spanish files included.
QUIZ 2.4.0
  • Toolbar added. 
  • Minor improvements, some bugs fixed.
QUIZ 2.5.0
  • Any font may be selected for a whole quiz.
  • You may set a time limit to solve a quiz.
  • You may allow to skip a question.
  • Minor improvements, some bugs fixed.
QUIZ 2.5.1
  • Bug in connection with time limit fixed.
QUIZ 3.0.0
  • Any formatting and fonts may be used for questions and answers:
    • A question/answer may consist of a RTF- or a HTML- file.
    • Question/answer - text may contain HTML-tags and formatting without the need of adding a whole file (option).
  • You may select to redo all wrong answers you ever gave for a specific quiz, plus solve all questions additionally once.
  • All question/answer windows change size, if you maximise the question form.
  • Minor improvements (additionally to Beta version).
QUIZ 3.1.0
  • Quiz files are being registered.
  • Printing of quiz and rtf files: Page margins can be modified.
  • Spell check additionally supports ISpell dictionaries.
  • Improved Unicode support.
  • More improvements!
QUIZ 3.3.0
  • Spell check for questions or answers alone possible.
  • Answers may be mixed randomly during test.
  • If "Maintain order of questions" - box is checked for question No 1, it will be asked first.
  • Contains example using HTML formatting (Hebrew Alphabet HTML.qze)
  • Minor improvements and bug (spell checker) fixed.
QUIZ 3.3.1
  • Bugs fixed.
QUIZ 3.4.0
  • QUIZ is able to open ziped and locked quiz files.
  • New option to suppress any additional information after correct answers.
QUIZ 3.4.1
  • Bugs fixed.
QUIZ 3.4.3
  • Minor Bugs in connection with Windows XP fixed.
  • Windows 2000/XP: All users can operate QUIZ now.

Update November 23, 2006