Version                            What's new?
TxtEdit 1.0.0 First version
TxtEdit 2.0.0
  • Toolbar added.
  • Multiple language support added. Hungarian files included.
  • Minor improvements.
TxtEdit 2.1.0
  • Some bugs fixed.
TxtEdit 2.2.0
  • Button for selection of colour added.
  • Some improvements and bugs fixed.
TxtEdit 2.3.0
  • Find function: Selected text will be taken to look after.
  • Standard font can be changed.
  • No more flickering when selection changes from one document to another.
  • More improvements.
TxtEdit 2.4.0
  • Spell checker supports HTML recognition.
  • More improvements.
TxtEdit 2.5.0
  • It is possible to open several files with one command.
  • "Drag and drop files" now supported.
  • Creation of backup files supported.
  • Search several files at once.
TxtEdit 2.6.0
  • "Save all" and "Close all" added.
  • More improvements.
TxtEdit 2.7.0
  • "Search for case mismatch" added.
  • Task bar added
  • Minor improvements.
TxtEdit 2.8.0
  • Menu: Recent file list added.
  • Improvements e.g. on search and replace functions.
TxtEdit 2.9.0
  • Open file with up to 4 applications possible.
  • More improvements.
TxtEdit 3.0.0
  • Pictures and objects may be inserted.
  • Spell check additionally supports ISpell dictionaries.
  • Background colour may be changed.
  • More formating options for characters and paragraphs.
  • Jump to line No .. possible.
  • Number of characters in document are shown.
  • Printing: Page margins can be modified.
  • TxtEdit supports Unicode.
  • More improvements and bugs fixed.
TxtEdit 4.0.0
  • Choice of character encoding is now possible.
  • Page preview added.
  • Templates
  • Several print options
  • More functions added.
  • Freeware/Shareware mode
  • Bugs in connection with spell check fixed.
TxtEdit 4.1.0
  • Insert strings directly from a prepared list.
  • Some more functions are now available in Freeware mode.
  • Shareware mode: More favourable licence conditions
  • More improvements and bugs fixed.
TxtEdit 4.2.0
  • Edit columns now possible.
  • More improvements and bug (spell checker) fixed.
TxtEdit 4.3.0
  • Multiple clip board invented.
  • Sort lines, join lines, change all to upper case characters and more new functions added.
TxtEdit 4.4.1
  • New command line parameter added.
  • Find/Replace works also with Unicode now (for Windows NT/2000/XP and higher only)
  • More improvements and bugs fixed.
TxtEdit 4.5.0
  • Shortcuts for the clipboard buttons have been provided.
  • More improvements.
TxtEdit 4.5.1
  • Minor bugs corrected.
TxtEdit 4.5.2
  • Additional formatting option to replace all characters by numerical coding.
  • Windows 2000/XP: All users can operate TxtEdit now.

Update: November 16, 2006