Analyse results

WebQuiz creates a database in the folder [wwwroot]\cgi-bin\WebQuiz\ScorePro. This database is used to calculate the results table.

To analyse results statistically or to export it, you start QuizPro and import the data sets you wish from the folder [wwwroot]\cgi-bin\WebQuiz\ScorePro. Now, you may use all features of QuizPro as usual.
NOTE: If you use the ISAPI version of WebQuiz, you have to execute /close, or to reboot your server and keep it away from any WebQuiz request coming from the Net, until you finish the data import. Otherwise, you will get the error message "Directory is controlled by other NET file", because the WebQuiz.dll remains loaded in memory and keeps the database under control.

An other way would be to start QuizPro and choose [wwwroot]\cgi-bin\WebQuiz as server directory. Now, you have the possibility to use the results table or the statistics form without importing the data. This will not need any server reboot.

Of course, you may also copy all the files from your directory [wwwroot]\cgi-bin\WebQuiz\ScorePro into QuizPro's ../ScorePro directory. This is the fastest and easiest way to get access to your data. Keep in mind, that all data you had in your QuizPro's ../ScorePro directory will be overwritten.
Update January 11, 2002