Version history

Version                      What's new?
WebQuiz 1.0.0 First version.
WebQuiz 1.1.0
  • If you mark the correct answer at the same time with wrong ones, WebQuiz does indicate this now clearly.
  • More improvements as the one above.
  • Whole quiz can be displayed with any font.
  • Bar chart added.
WebQuiz 1.2.0
  • Questions and answers consisting in files will be shown in IFRAMES.
    Therefore, WebQuiz is now fully compatible to all quiz formats used by QUIZ/QuizPro version 3.0.0.
  • New administration possibilities:
    • Administrator may look at a results table at any time.
    • The results table may be switched off for students.
    • It is possible to submit your answer automatically when checking a answer box!
    • You may switch off any feedback about your score and answers.
    • You may delete records from the database according age and completeness (quiz finished/unfinished).

Update January 11, 2002